Hash calculator

If you need to encrypt strings with AES, calculate hashes, or convert values from/to Base64 and Hex, then this application is for you. Currently, it supports AES, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, Base64 and Hex. Please note that you can input valid Base64, Hex or AES data, and the system will decrypt them for you (i.e. you can do both encoding/encryption and decoding/decryption). Everything is done within your browser (with CryptoJS), so your data is totally secure... Cool, huh?

Input Hello, world!
AES 12312345345
MD5 zxczxcaoi23948asjdoas823479283
SHA1 asdasjdoijosidjoi5398aisjdiajiodf
SHA256 wetrdasjdoijosaiso5398jsdfhisudf
SHA512 aaisjdiajiooijosidjoi5sdfhisudf
Base64 345sdjfos29asdjoaisjdiajio====
Hex 1239a8123798as88574

For more information on what all of these terms mean, please check out Wikipedia. For example, MD5 is a popular hash function often used as a checksum to verify data integrity, or as a cryptographic hash function.