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C++ basics

Binary numeral system    2018-04-02
Writing your first C++ program    2018-04-07
Control flow: if-else statement    2018-04-11
Control flow: loops    2018-04-14
Common mistakes in C++    2018-04-20
Cool features of C++11    2018-04-23

Desktop apps

Introduction to UWP    2018-03-07
Your first UWP app with C#    2018-04-12
Framework for your next Windows app    2018-05-21
Requesting data from an UWP app    2018-06-17


Brute force algorithms    2018-04-25
Dynamic programming    2018-04-29
Dijkstra's Shortest path algorithm    2018-05-03
Applications of BFS    2018-05-07
Inclusion-exclusion principle    2018-05-09
Disjoint-set data structure    2018-05-10


A look at Code Jam 2018    2018-06-01

Web development

Introduction to HTML    2018-09-03
The Bootstrap toolkit    2018-09-24
JavaScript tutorial for beginners    2018-10-15
Getting started with Node.js    2018-11-23
Storing data in Node.js    2019-01-15


Random generator
Do you need to generate random numbers, characters, emails or strings? The random generator app allows you to generate random data on your browser, without sending or storing information on any servers.

Hash calculator
Encrypt strings with AES, calculate hashes, or convert values. The application supports AES, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, Base64 and Hex. Everything is calculated within your browser (with CryptoJS), so your data is secure.

Browser info
Display information about your browser, engine, version, the main features supported, your ip address and location (according to GeoIP), and more. No signup or login required.

Color picker
Pick colors for your next design, application and/or website. This application enables you to see colors that work good with both white and black text. Colors are created randomly by your browser. No login required.

Server finder
Are you looking for a new server? There are a lot of hosting providers out there offering dedicated servers, cloud servers, object storage and more. This app lists the best offers available today. No signup or login required.